A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Work

Jason’s Many Lunch Adventures

We thought it would be fun to include you in a curious phenomenon at our office: Jason from our support team has an uncanny ability to get delayed during his lunch time!

We’d think he was making it up, because the reasons he gives are sometimes just too crazy. But since we can see the main road to our building, we’ve actually witnessed several of these things taking place right outside our window! Here’s a sampling of the things that have conspired to keep Jason from getting back from lunch so far:

  • A funeral procession
  • Another funeral — during a blizzard
  • A flock of geese crossing the street
  • A guy chasing his dog in the middle of traffic
  • An extra-long flatbed semi delivering a wind turbine blade, stuck at a corner and blocking 4 lanes of traffic
  • A house blocking all traffic (It was being moved out of a flood-prone area.)

But Jason hasn’t seen everything yet. He expects to be blocked by the following in the near future:

  • The Fargo Marathon
  • A zombie attack
  • An alien invasion
  • A giant robot battle
  • A Russian paratrooper sneak-attack

Perhaps we should start an office pool on what the next one will be? Moose? A sinkhole? Space debris? Let the betting begin!