Updates to Document Library Editor Tools

Easier To Assign To Companies, Branches and Contacts

This week, we turned our attention to refining the Document Library Editor tools in the Control Center.

In the Customers section of the Document Library Editor, we’ve made it easier to find the right company, branch or contact and assign your document to them. Now, when your search results find a single contact, the contact’s name will be auto-selected in the contacts pulldown menu, and the company and/or branch they belong to will also be auto-selected. Plus, there are now “Add” buttons next to each list, so if your search returns one contact but what you really want is their branch or company, you can add it with a single click.

No More Unsaved Changes


We’ve also added a line of defense in the battle against unsaved changes. Previously, there were portions of the Document Library Editor that allowed you to navigate away from the editor with unsaved changes, losing them forever. Yikes! So we’ve now added a warning message when you attempt to leave unsaved changes behind, giving you a second chance to keep them for posterity.

More To Come

There are more updates on the way. We have some very exciting new features lined up for the remainder of the year, and can’t wait to announce them…but we will wait. We’ll wait until they’re completed.