New Text Editor Added To Level 2 And Level 3 Sites

If you’ve done any customization work on your new Level 2 or Level 3 site in the past, you may have found that our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor used to make some of your edits feel more like what we’ve been lovingly calling a WYSIKOWYG (What You See Is Kind-Of What You Get) editor. Especially when it came to adding links to your custom content, it could become…unpleasant.

This past week, we changed that. We’ve added a more reliable, more robust text editor, and recently activated it. You’ll find it where the original editor tools were, at the top of any multi-line editor box:


We hope you like using it as much as we do!

Canada’s Greatest Treasures

This week also saw the Canadian-ization of the “Our List of Greatest Treasures” page. Our Canadian customers called our attention to the distinctively American nature of the page, with links to the the U.S. Small Business Administration, The White House, Senators, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Post Office and much more!

We’ve now completed an updated version of the page that links to Canadian resources. If your printshop’s location is in Canada, there’s nothing you need to do; it will automatically detect which version to serve up. You can test that by going to your website and clicking the “greatest treasures” link in your footer’s resources section. Of course, if for some reason you aren’t getting the Canadian version of the page but should be, let us know right away!