5 Examples of Direct Mail For Printers That We Love

Finding the time to maximize your marketing can be difficult when you’re continually busy making others look good.

Here are some of our favorite examples of the direct mail marketing templates provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers that printers have customized to make their own.

Unleash your creativity and make direct mail marketing for your print business easier for yourself.

1. Print Source in Bluffton, Indiana

Direct Mail Product: Coffee Break

Why We Love It: The team at Print Source made the Coffee Break newsletter their own by replacing the bottom panel with an ad to encourage print buyers to order early this season because of the supply chain issues. With some simple design shifting, Print Source was creative enough to move the bottom panel to the back of the newsletter, put in a feature ad, and include print product images for additional marketing power.

What You Can Do: Highlight a product each month or lay out community events or holidays to which you know you want to bring more attention. Even better – create a yearly plan so you don’t have to come up with ideas last minute.

2. Chester Press in Emporia, Kansas

Direct Mail Product: Coffee Break

Why We Love It: Chester Press’s ingenuity is top-notch when it comes to getting potential print buyers to their website after receiving the direct mail newsletter. At the bottom of their Coffee Break newsletter, Chester Press includes a unique lucky number for each recipient with instructions to match their number to the winning numbers on their website. Prizes include free printing, gift certificates, and unique local experiences. It’s a win-win. Chester Press gets to drive people to their website to boost their SEO and increase their print sales, and prospects and customers get the opportunity for a bit of contest fun.

What You Can Do: Implement the lucky number idea on your next newsletter or consider other teasers to get readers to your website, such as:

  • Add an “Easter Egg” – something unique the reader has to find in your newsletter. Once they let you know about it, they can receive a discount or other incentive.
  • Use additional jokes or trivia, leaving the punchlines or answers on a custom page on your website.

3. A-Link Printing and Marketing Solutions in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Direct Mail Product: National Direct Mail

Why We Love It: A-Link Printing has a long history of being innovative, which we recently highlighted on our blog in our More Than a Printer series. But, here, they take the National Direct Mail postcard and make it their own by including both a bulleted service list and a coupon for their design subscription service. A-Link also matches their direct mail efforts with social media and email marketing content for an omnichannel marketing campaign.

Subscription services are one of the best ways to grow (and sustain) your printing business. If you’re looking for ways your print business can implement a subscription service, be sure to check out “Is It Time to Consider Providing Subscription Services at Your Print Business?” on our blog.

What You Can Do: Highlight the services you have to offer that will benefit your target market. Then, do a little brainstorming. Which of those services could you turn into a monthly subscription?

4. Modern Press in Albany, New York

Direct Mail Product: Printer’s Press

Why We Love It: Patrick Ryan and the team at Modern Press are no strangers to making the Printer’s Press newsletter their own. In fact, Modern Press has been mailing the Printer’s Press newsletter since the early 1990s, only a few years after we founded Ink Inc., the former name of Marketing Ideas For Printers. In the issue pictured here, Patrick carves out a page to highlight the 75th Anniversary of Modern Press and honors the family legacy of service that has been cultivated there. Marketing that serves the people who receive it is the best kind of marketing, and Patrick and his team figured that out very early on in their marketing endeavors.

One more thing, the envelopes that Modern Press prints and uses to send the newsletters out are eye-catching and fun! Not only do they stand out in our pile of mail, but they visually invite us to want to open their newsletter each month.

What You Can Do: Patrick helps tell the story of Modern Press through his marketing. You can easily do the same. What are some things happening in your business that you could share with your audience, so they can get to know you better?

5. Big Red Printing in Norfolk and Columbus, Nebraska

Direct Mail Product: Printer’s Press

Why We Love It: Big Red Printing uses their newsletter’s front-page real estate to serve their customers and prospects well and keep them informed. When construction was making it difficult to reach one of their buildings, Big Red Printing announced and apologized for the inconvenience (and even offered to deliver customers’ orders) by featuring it in their newsletter.

Another thing about Big Red Printing that we have to give a shout-out here for is their ability to faithfully send out their newsletter each month. It seems like such a simple thing, but to many printers, it remains a struggle. Big Red Printing is a name easily remembered for us because its newsletter passes through the hands of our team each and every month.

What You Can Do: Get your business name passing through the hands of your customers by faithfully sending out a direct mail marketing campaign each month. Then, make it your own and use it to communicate (often!) with your prospects and print buyers.

You’re One of a Kind

Ready to tell your unique story and communicate with your audience each month? The ready-to-print direct mail packages from Marketing Ideas For Printers make it easy for you to get your marketing on your production schedule each month. Learn more by downloading samples today!