Now That’s Big!

Here’s a question that pops up every so often when a printer is checking out Websites For Printers:

How big are the files customers can send using the Send a File tool?

It’s become way too easy to take file transfers for granted. After all, it’s just like flipping a light switch: flip the switch, electricity flows, and the light turns on. It just works. Today, we’re going to elevate the Send a File tool beyond the “taken for granted” status. Today, we’ll give credit to the silent work done by the file transfer system and answer the “How big?” question.

Drum roll: It’s not unusual to see file transfers well over 1.5 GB get from print buyer to printer without even a sneeze. Consider that a typical CMYK Photoshop file with a size of 4 x 6 inches at 300 pixels per inch is 8.24 MB. You could send over 180 digital photos like that in a file transfer of 1.5 GB. That’s a lot of data!

For all practical purposes, there really aren’t any size limits, and that’s important in these days of mega-sized files. As a printer, you can take comfort in knowing that your customers’ files will get to you, with no extra thought involved.

The Send a File system works … just like flipping the switch. Your customers can click the button and feel comfortable knowing that sending a file is super-reliable, and it just works. And you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll be notified the instant the files have transferred, which means you can get those files into production right away and start making some money!

Now we can go back to taking it for granted. Isn’t it nice to know you can count on something to just work?