Connecting People

Odyssey™ gives you the ability to focus on connecting with people, while simultaneously creating a more efficient sales cycle.

Your contacts are immediately available within the Marketing component of Odyssey™, meaning your team and your customers are all connecting to the same database in real time.

Your efficiency will make your competitors jealous!

Connecting Process

When your customers place an order, Odyssey™ will build a job ticket, right on the spot! No longer will someone on your team have to copy information submitted online and then paste it into your legacy Print MIS! With Odyssey™, double entry is eliminated!

With Odyssey™, everything that’s connected to your order is connected to your production process the instant your customer presses the place an order button!

Print production-ready, pre-approved PDFs directly to your website’s order forms with this virtual printer.

Personalize documents and view real-time proofs on pre-approved templates that lead to production-ready PDFs.

Create a shopping experience within their branded storefront, but with orders connected to your website.

Design online with professionally designed templates to create ready-to-print PDFs.

Maintain frequently ordered items in an easy-to-use catalog of Library items. 

Connecting Profits

When you connect People and Process, ultimately,  you’ll connect to increased profits.

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