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Connecting people, process, and profits

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Focused On Connecting People

Tired of managing your print-buyer relations through disjointed spreadsheets, email inboxes, or compounding piles of sticky notes? Meet your biggest ally – the Contact Relationship Management (CRM) solution within Odyssey 2.0.

Ready, Set, Connect!

Isn’t it time to help your print business grow, help your team do their jobs better, and start selling printing more effectively? With a solid CRM solution in place, you can:

  • Keep customer records up to date
  • Guarantee repeat business with superior follow-up
  • Target promotions based on buyer preferences

The time is now! Delight your print buyers, ditch disorganization, and drive more sales when you discover Odyssey 2.0 today!

With Odyssey™, everything that’s connected to an order is connected to your production process the instant your customer presses the place an order button!

Looking to increase your connections?
Add these content and online ordering solutions to your Odyssey subscription today!


Design online with professionally designed templates to create ready-to-print PDFs.


Print production-ready, pre-approved PDFs directly to your website’s order forms with this virtual printer.


Personalize documents and view real-time proofs on pre-approved templates that lead to production-ready PDFs.

Reorder Forms Library

Maintain frequently ordered items in an easy-to-use catalog of Library items. 

Private Label Websites

Create a shopping experience within their branded storefront, but with orders connected to your website.

Connecting People, Process, Profits

When you connect People and Process, ultimately,  you’ll connect to increased profits.


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