Say Goodbye to Lackluster Sales with a Free Marketing Audit For Printers

Effective marketing creates and delivers value-based arguments for why people should buy your products.

Successful marketing is the growth engine for your business – it’s what drives profits. To succeed in printing, you must attract prospects who buy from you, find satisfaction in your services, and become committed customers. But prospects won’t come if your message isn’t getting through.

Does your printing company struggle to stand out in the competitive print industry? Do you have confidence that your marketing is on track and optimized for success? Are the investments you’re putting into your marketing activities (time, strategy, money) driving maximum impact for your business?

If your answer is not a resounding yes, you could benefit from an outside perspective.

The Winning Marketing Mindset for Your Print Business

Effective marketing begins with one key component: a customer-first mindset.

While most of us start by talking about what WE want to sell or what is great about our products, those ideas can seem tone-deaf to potential customers. The first step in optimizing your messaging is to define your target print buyer and the products they use. Embracing a customer-first mentality focuses on truly understanding the needs of these prospects and how you can help them succeed. Meeting people at this point of need and consistently exceeding their expectations will build professional credibility and drive future loyalty.

Does your print marketing consistently deliver a customer-first message in ways that are visible and accessible? Have you closely scrutinized your branding elements, website design, content marketing, and social media strategies from a customer-centric perspective so your buyer’s journey is as seamless as possible?

Gain Clarity with a Free Marketing Audit for Printers

Marketing Ideas for Printers exists for this mission: to help you sell more printing.

Because we’ve worked with hundreds of printing companies over many years, we have a unique understanding of how your business can maximize its marketing dollars.

Did you know we offer a FREE marketing audit – combing through areas like your website design, branding elements, content marketing, and social media strategies – to identify what works, what doesn’t, and what needs improvement? With some simple outside coaching, you can produce bulls-eye targeted content, an improved user experience, and a more streamlined buyer experience.

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Optimizing Your Website for Sales: 5 Keys

The core of any marketing audit is your company website.

Here, we’ll closely scrutinize your overall site layout while paying concentrated attention to the front page. Statistics show that it takes only 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website, and this determines whether they like it or whether they’ll stay or leave.

Put simply, your home page is the most important real estate on your website. As part of the marketing audit, you’ll receive helpful observations on areas like:

1. Website Sliders

What are your prospects looking for? What are they buying? What do you WANT them to buy?

Sliders (sometimes known as carousels or slideshows) allow users to consume a lot of content while reducing the amount of page space. Here, visitors can efficiently engage with your page by choosing which block of information to focus on.

A marketing audit will help you re-imagine this element for maximum viewer impact.

2. Featured Products

Current statistics show that around 50% of viewers leave a website after visiting just one page.

Does your home page quickly reference the products you most want to sell? Can you grab users in a more compelling way without making them sift through your site? Showcasing strategic items upfront can have a tremendous sales impact.

3. Call-Out Boxes

A callout is a highlight or feature box on your page that draws attention to a particular element.

These are used in conjunction with images, videos, or buttons to increase viewer engagement. Do your call-out boxes feature important products and give a visitor someplace to go next? We’ll help you analyze whether your call-outs highlight key services with a compelling call to action.

4. Product and Service Listings

One often overlooked website element is the catalog of products and services.

Are you listing everything you should be? Are you using terms people would understand or use in their own everyday language? Do you have relevant examples, images, or CTAs that inspire prospects to buy?

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO helps your website get found online.

As part of your marketing audit, you’ll receive guidance on updating your website title tags, meta descriptions, and language so your site ranks high in Google searches and displays your page for products you want to sell. Our team will help you localize your content, outrank competitors in a saturated market, and define your niche, target, and keywords so they serve as a magnetic map online.

Website optimization is your gateway to a spike in sales!

Make It Easy for People to Buy from You

Your marketing is your “party.”

The goal of a marketing audit is to bring more people to your party by sending out “invitations” through marketing channels like your website, SEO, email, social media, and direct mail. Are you sure the “party” is ready for your guests? Can they find it easily and quickly engage in the festivities?

By conducting a marketing audit with our team, you’ll gain a holistic understanding of your marketing strategies—including strengths, areas for improvement, and actionable recommendations to drive business growth—and make this year a party no one will want to miss!

All that . . . for free?

Yes, for free. No strings attached!

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