The Future Looks Bright for Selling More Printing

If we were like every other business, we’d be offering you a year-end review right about now. But, you know what? Here at Marketing Ideas For Printers, we like to do things a little differently to allow for a greater vision.

It looks like this.

We follow a quarterly rhythm for working on the bigger projects that bring content and online ordering solutions together by asking ourselves, “What are the most important things we need to accomplish in the next 90 days?”

We then create that list and get to work on those most important projects.

Often, one of the first things I do when starting a project like that is to write a press release announcing the completed project. That press release is used for vision casting and for internal use only; its purpose is to help everyone involved understand what the project’s end result is supposed to look like. That, in turn, helps everyone get pointed in the right direction immediately.

In the spirit of those “predictive press releases,” I thought you’d enjoy my perspective on the coming year here at Marketing Ideas For Printers and what’s coming your way to help you sell more printing.

2023: A Year in (P)review

Odyssey is a Print MIS that Helps Printers Sell More Printing

After much anticipation, Odyssey 2.0 is no longer restricted to Odyssey Early Adopters and Stakeholders. Odyssey 2.0 is now available for all printers! We recalibrated our approach to Odyssey, took some extra time to make sure there’s an easy path for printers to get started with Odyssey, and (I say this with complete conviction) Odyssey 2.0 was worth waiting for!

Printers everywhere are ecstatic to be replacing their multi-system chaos with the all-in-one ease of Odyssey 2.0. From MIS to CRM to Marketing Automation, Odyssey 2.0 is making good on its promise to help printers sell more printing.

  • Satisfyingly Simple. Surprisingly Smart. Odyssey 2.0 intuitively learns your estimating behavior, automating workflows and performing complex calculations, so you can work smarter instead of harder.
  • Immovable Loyalty. Odyssey 2.0 cements customer relationships by building relationships before, during, and after an order, becoming the best retention tool you can have.
  • Marketing Confidence. Odyssey 2.0 maximizes your existing marketing content with content creation and management that’s practically done for you yet completely customizable.

Mission accomplished! Odyssey 2.0 takes the traditional MIS tools that help manage the production of printing and adds a marketing component that helps expand the role of MIS by turning prospects into customers and existing customers into repeat customers.


Your Online Design Tools Have Been Updated

These days your print buyers see online design tools as more than “nice-to-have” luxuries. The ability to design online is a “must-have” requirement for today’s generation of print buyers.

Great news! Marketing Ideas For Printers has made this an area of focus for both you and your print buyers. The best parts of DesignEdit and uDesignIT! have been retained, and many other areas have been improved. The result:

  • Over 30,000 ready-to-customize templates that allow your print buyers to quickly create their own print-ready masterpieces.
  • An online editor inspired by Canva makes customizing those templates an easy and enjoyable experience for your print buyers.
  • And for printers with customers needing to adhere to corporate branding standards, there’s an all-new template-building tool that allows printers to rapidly deploy customizable templates.

And when your print buyers are done creating their order, they can drop it into a shiny new shopping cart!

Shopping Cart Updated

With an ever-growing percentage of print orders being placed online, successful printers continue to validate the importance of a robust e-commerce system.

Marketing Ideas For Printers has prioritized upgrading and updating the shopping cart found on every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers. The end result is a modern shopping cart experience that runs fast and looks sleek. Under the hood, the shopping cart provides connection points to services provided by shipping and pre-flight partners.

Paperless Printing

Paperless printing? It sounds like heresy, right?

But 2023 has found more printers realizing that the value they bring to their customers is their ability to deliver their customers’ messages in multiple formats.

While printers continue to excel in delivering content via the tried-and-true paper-and-ink format, smart printers have come alongside their customers by providing assistance with email marketing campaigns and social media content. Whatever it takes to get the message out, these smart printers are there to help their customers, and they use Marketing Ideas For Printers as their go-to source for marketing assistance.

Based on this pre-emptive review, it looks like 2023 will be quite a year for you (and us)!

Written by

Dave Hultin

President, Marketing Ideas For Printers

Dave Hultin is the president and visionary behind Marketing Ideas For Printers. He's on a mission to lead printers to success by providing powerfully innovative online ordering solutions and impossible-to-ignore content. If you're looking to sell more printing and grow your business, follow Dave on LinkedIn: