15 Reasons You Need Direct Mail for Your Print Business

Alright, you ready? Here’s a pop quiz for you…

In the unlikely event that you experience a loss in cabin pressure while flying, whose oxygen mask should you secure first? 

Did you say your own? If so, congratulations! You paid attention to that friendly flight attendant at least once on your travels.

Ok, here’s another one… ready?

In the unlikely event that you experience a loss in printing sales, whose marketing strategy do you focus on first? 


Did you have to think about that one a little longer? It’s ok. You’re not alone.

The reality is, it is a lot easier to help your print buyers with their marketing efforts than to notice your own sales turning blue from a lack of marketing oxygen.

Secure Your Direct Mail Oxygen Mask First

Direct mail advertising is one of the best-kept marketing secrets to boost the sales of most businesses.

In fact, one of the uphill battles the print industry is climbing is this idea that direct mail advertising should be avoided because it’s too difficult. But is it?

As a printer, you have the expertise (and advantage) of understanding, mastering, and guiding not only direct mail for your own print business but for your customers as well. You have the opportunity to put your marketing oxygen mask on first, to lead the way, and to be a good example that others will follow to their own success.

Don’t overlook the potential direct mail has for your business. Think about this:

  • You use direct mail marketing to gain more leads (WIN!)
  • Your new leads use direct mail marketing to gain more leads for their business (WIN!)
  • All this direct mail marketing leads to a ripple effect of increased sales for your print business! (BIG WIN!)

Learn How Direct Mail Just Got Easier

A Wealth of Direct Mail Benefits

If you’re wondering if direct mail is right for your business, the answer is yes! Here’s why:

1. Direct mail eliminates invisibility.

Direct mail advertising creates front-of-mind awareness about your business to hundreds, maybe even thousands of print buyers who don’t know you exist.

2. Direct mail is cost-effective.

Direct mail is low-cost advertising by allowing you to target the audience you want to reach. You don’t have to pay to advertise to people who aren’t even prospects. Plus, you can save time, money, and be freed up to focus on selling more printing by outsourcing your direct mail writing and design.

3. Direct mail is highly-targeted.

Direct mail allows you to pick who you want to send to without worrying about international spammers or compromised data.

4. Direct mail overcomes sales resistance.

Monthly direct mail creates name recognition and builds trust and familiarity which helps many customers feel comfortable buying from you.

5. Direct mail is available in multiple formats.

From newsletters to flyers to postcards, you can choose a direct mail format that fits your business, your target audience, and your budget.

6. Direct mail is easily personalized.

Everyone loves seeing their name in print. With direct mail, you can add variable data in tons of unique ways or target specific neighborhoods and demographics with Every Door Direct Mail.

7. Direct mail creates customer loyalty.

By keeping in touch with your print buyers on a regular basis, you’ll see customers’ loyalty deepen and watch their sales volume increase.

Learn How Direct Mail Just Got Easier

8. Direct mail features familiar formats.

Direct mail practices have stood the test of time. For consumers to see your name and branding on a direct mail piece, it requires no technical expertise and no electricity.

9. Direct mail is tangible.

Remember, this generation gets junk mail in their inbox, not their mailbox. Keep your sales cycle moving by reaching your audience where they’re at.

10. Direct mail can be easily measured without analytics.

The coupons on the Local Edge and Printer’s Press packages easily show you where the customer heard about you.

11. Direct mail gives you a competitive advantage.

Most businesses understand the benefits of direct mail, yet only one in 80 use it. You’ll enjoy a tremendous competitive advantage when using direct mail.

12. Direct mail requires the reader’s full attention.

Unlike annoying digital pop-up interruptions that are quickly clicked away, direct mail gets your customer or prospect’s full attention for much longer staying power.

13. Direct mail supports your sales staff.

Direct mail “paves the way” before outside prospects are contacted and “follows up” after the prospected is contacted.

14. Direct mail supports your other marketing efforts.

You can easily pair your direct mail with promotions on your website or mention your latest newsletter on your social media channels. Just as you want your customers to buy printing because it works to help them sell more, the same applies to you as well.

15. Direct mail has a proven track record.

Direct mail has a proven track record of success. Remember, businesses wouldn’t continue to use direct mail marketing if it didn’t work. Be an example for your print buyers and show them how it’s done.

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