Remind Your Customers of Their Freedom to Create With Local Printing

Did you know . . .

  • That first-generation computers (1940s) used “vacuum tubes” for circuitry, taking a whole room to house and a fortune to run?
  • That the advent of microprocessors (20 years later) positioned all computer components into a single chip, allowing what once filled one room to fit into the palm of one hand?
  • That smartwatches can track your sleep, connect to your car, keep you on task as a “virtual assistant,” and allow you to answer calls and texts on the run?

Technology is amazing. But not as incredible as humanity’s hunger to create!

When first generation computers took up 15,000 square feet (weighing up to 30 tons), could anyone have imagined that laptops would one day be as thin as 0.3 inches? When stuck in a rut, maybe the most inspiring thing we can do is reflect on how far we’ve come. With a problem to solve or an innovation that inspires, nearly any vision can come to life!

You Dream It, We’ll Print It

Local Edge, our direct mail postcard featuring the benefits of local printing, devotes this month’s mailing to the creative advantage local print brings.

Your clients’ business is one-of-a-kind, and their materials should be too! Show them how you can set them free from lackluster designs as they embrace the originality only local print can bring. With you, they’ll find concepts as varied as their ideas and options as rich as their imagination. Whether it’s clever cutouts, custom die cuts, or bold sizing, Local Edge reminds them you can “go off the grid” with stunning, tailored options.

Local printing brings the freedom to dream and the power to create!

Add Inspiration to Your Own Marketing Mix

Ready to inspire new possibilities in your own marketing mix? Remind prospects that creative options produce happier customers and better-finished products. Download a free Local Edge sample or contact us below to hear more!