Love is a Verb

Often we are brimming with affection and adoration for those we hold dear. They say love is an action, so here’s your chance to SHINE. What’s the perfect way to communicate passion?

A surprise getaway?
A romantic dinner for two?
An original piece of art?
Or maybe you can keep it simple. Perhaps an e-valentine will do?

(Crickets chirping….)

Absolutely Authentic

The truth is thoughtful communication matters. How we correspond with others reveals the value we have for them! The February edition of Local Edge, our “benefits of buying local” postcard, focuses on the relational power of print. People don’t want e-valentines. They value original, hand-crafted design because they connect with print on an emotional level. In the digital deluge of our fast-paced culture, careless messages are here and gone in an instant. In contrast, the excellent craftsmanship of local print brings an enduring, weighty, matchless message. Remind your customers that:

wholehearted effort + superior products = a remarkable result!

Putting Your Heart into Print

Don’t challenge your clients to thoughtfulness without matching that commitment yourself. How are you doing with patient craftsmanship and precise detail? With flawless design and superior service? Use this month’s Local Edge to remind yourself AND your customers what you stand for. Local printing is a “people first” promise, ensuring valued clients receive no less than the best. Show them you are absolutely authentic because you put your heart into print.

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