Show Them the Savings

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Like pinching pennies? You’re not alone. Today’s consumers love a good deal, especially one catered toward their personal preferences. And the good news is that coupons work. A 2016 Association of Coupon Professionals study showed that, on average, seventy-five percent of coupon redemptions (of all types of consumer packaged goods) resulted in increased incremental sales. Shoppers are more easily swayed by coupons than ever before.

Paper Is Powerful

Whether it’s consumer purchases or B2B sales, everyone likes to save money in quick and appealing ways. Research shows that coupons and inserts continue to be a formidable method to entice prospects and build loyalty among current customers.

Our August 2017 FastStart mailer challenges your customers to use coupons and inserts to bring business to life. It takes a good offer to draw prospects and customers in, and great service to keep them. Inserts are a simple way to create momentum: increasing brand affinity, generating repeat sales, and building a client database through discounts, trial subscriptions, or complimentary services.

Always Room for a Custom Insert

Each box, CD, printed piece, or envelope has space for a custom insert! Inserts are a great opportunity to create customer desire, enhance credibility, feature related products, or increase web traffic through invoice stuffers, product leaflets, VIP discounts, or personal invitations. FastStart challenges customers to consider smart coupons or tailored promotions to target specific markets. Whether reactivating clients or attracting new business, versatile inserts encourage people to give your business a try.

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