Break Free from Your Stale Content

Break Free from Your Stale Content, Marketing Ideas For Printers, Direct Mail, Business Forum

Celebrate your independence from the same old content this July and get in on the July 2017 Business Forum direct mail newsletter right away! This month is filled with a combination of actionable content for business owners or managers as well as articles that bring life into balance.

Make Branding Stick with Promotions and Good PR

PR is sometimes misunderstood and simply used as another word for marketing. In July’s issue, we take a look at what good PR should focus on. By separating out the things that PR is not, you’ll help businesses pinpoint a better PR strategy.

As July rolls along, many organizations start to plan the promotional items they will hand out this fall. You’ll want to take advantage of this time with this issue that has great suggestions to use printed magnets to display everything from sports schedules to helpful household tips. Your customers and prospects will see how you can help them make their branding stick!

Decompress the Stress

Getting ready for fall is also on the minds of parents who have to think about childcare. Tips from Child Care Aware are included this month to help parents make the best choices for their families. Balancing family and work can lead to stresses that only a walk in nature can relieve. Some surprising research out of Stanford University may influence where we go to decompress.

Get access to dynamic content that is timely and rich! The Business Forum can help you boost customer interest for your printing and marketing capabilities with great print suggestions every month. With print-ready content designed to make your direct mail campaigns an easy success, Business Forum just makes sense.

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