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You’re almost ready to get started coding an Odyssey micro-project! Before you begin, though, we need to gather a few key pieces of information from you.


Four Things We Need From You

The following information is needed in order to get you started and to pay you for your completed Odyssey micro-projects:

  1. Download, print, and sign the Marketing Ideas For Printers Confidentiality agreement.
  2. Download, print, and sign the Odyssey Independent Contractor agreement.
  3. For United States citizens, download, print, and sign Form W-9. If you are outside the United States, download, print and sign the Foreign Contractor Form.
  4. Provide the email address you wish to use to receive payment via PayPal. Completed micro-projects are paid immediately (in USD) using PayPal, and we’ll default to sending the payment using the email address you initially used when claiming a micro-project. If you’d prefer to use a different email address to receive payment via PayPal, please specify that address.

Return the above documents to us, along with your email address, by scanning and emailing them to Joanna Erber, our Human Resources Director, at, or by faxing it to Joanna’s attention at 800-465-4621.


You’ll Be On Your Way!

Once we receive all of your required documents, we’ll sign the Confidentiality agreement and the Independent Contractor agreement and return a signed copy of these agreements to you.

When you receive your copies of the Confidentiality and Independent Contractor agreements signed by us, you’re ready to get to work on an Odyssey micro-project!

Here's more information about Odyssey Micro-Projects:

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