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Odyssey Micro-Projects

Odyssey micro-projects are small coding projects that can be written by coders and developers without prior knowledge of Odyssey’s code.

Odyssey is our new Print Management Information System (Print MIS), and these Odyssey micro-projects will expand and/or enhance Odyssey’s existing codebase. Each micro-project has a very clear goal designed to be accomplished with just a small investment of time writing code. Micro-projects often combine as part of a larger development effort, although they can stand alone, too.

For you, micro-projects are an excellent way to make some extra money with well-defined “quick win” coding projects. For us, micro-projects will allow the rapid development of Odyssey’s code base. We both win, together!


Returning coders, you can hop directly to the list of micro-projects:


First time here? Keep reading…


About Odyssey

Odyssey is a Print Management Information System (Print MIS) that allows printers to sell printing in a way that’s remarkably different from legacy Print MIS. Odyssey uses content and marketing touchpoints to expand the scope of Print MIS and help turn prospects into customers. Printers and customers are always completely connected on the same cloud-based platform.

At Marketing Ideas For Printers, we help printers sell more printing by providing them with marketing content and complex technology. Other providers may offer compelling content. Other providers may provide top-notch technology. But no one combines content and technology like we do.


That’s what Odyssey is all about!

We’re doing something that’s never been done before, and we’d like to invite you to be a part of it!



How It All Started

We started coding Odyssey on October 2, 2015. You can read the story on our blog: The Quest for a New Breed of Print MIS. To understand why we’re building Odyssey, check out the first seven minutes of this video (also available on that blog post):

That video was recorded the day Odyssey was presented to a gathering of Fargo’s tech and entrepreneurial community called 1 Million Cups. We’ve done a lot of coding since then, and we now have a strong foundational codebase for Odyssey in place.

But there’s so much more we want to do with Odyssey. That’s why we’re inviting coders and developers everywhere to join us in building Odyssey through micro-projects.

What You Need to Know

Here are some of the tools and resources we use for coding Odyssey:

How To Get Started

If you’d like to help code Odyssey, here’s how to get started:
  1. Install Meteor: The freshest version of Meteor is at Grab a copy and install it on your computer.
  2. Become an Independent Contractor: Before you start coding, you’ll first need to become an independent contractor for Marketing Ideas For Printers. You can do that here.
  3. Select a Micro-Project: See what micro-project(s) interests you by checking out the list of micro-projects.
  4. Meet Your Liason: When you select an Odyssey micro-project, you’ll be assigned a liaison from our team to help guide you through your contribution to Odyssey. Your liaison will make sure you have all the details you need before starting the micro-project and will work with you to set a date for timely completion of the micro-project. Your liaison may request progress check-ins and will be available to answer any questions you may have about the micro-project. (In other words, your liaison will provide you with the right combination of support and independence!)
  5. Get Paid! Once your liaison validates your completed work on the micro-project and confirms that both you and us are in agreement on what “done” looks like, you’ll be paid for your work, right on the spot!

A Personal Note From Dave

Our President, Dave Hultin, always knew Odyssey was going to be bigger than any one person. Dave says:

From the very beginning of Odyssey, the right resources have shown up at just the right time to keep Odyssey moving forward. Sometimes those resources are ideas, inspiration, or finances. And, sometimes, those resources are people like YOU!

Building Odyssey allows us to live out our Team-Focused core value like never before. So, are you ready to join the team and start coding? Let’s go! Welcome to the team!


Any questions? Contact Andy Bronson, our Operations Director, using the Say Hello contact form below.

Here's more information about Odyssey Micro-Projects:

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