You Can Help Us Complete Odyssey

Thank you for visiting with us at the HERE Job Fair. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

Marketing Ideas For Printers is looking for web app developers, database administrators, user interface designers, customer care team members, sales reps, and sales assistants to help us complete the launch of Odyssey, our new breed of Print MIS. For an overview of Odyssey, please watch the first 6:45 of this video, recorded when Odyssey was unveiled at Fargo’s 1 Million Cups:

Odyssey Connects our History and our Future

Odyssey is the biggest thing we’ve ever done. Odyssey draws on our history of providing content and technology to help printers sell more printing, and establishes a platform for a new generation of printing success.

Other companies provide Print MIS software, and there are other providers of marketing content, but no one has ever united content and technology like this!


We’d like to invite you to be a part of the journey.


We are now interviewing for the positions of web app developers, database administrators, user interface designers, customer care team members, sales reps, and sales assistants to help us complete the launch of Odyssey. (Additional open positions are listed on our Careers page.)

Our Core Values

We’re looking for people that fit our core values of Integrity, Others First, Positive Attitude, Reliable, and Team-Focused. We hire and fire based on our core values, and we evaluate our team on those core values every quarter. They’re that important to us.

Your Next Step

All positions are full-time temporary positions, lasting for one year, with the potential to turn into permanent full-time positions. The process starts by providing us with your application for employment at the HERE Job Fair. The application is also available for download here:


The Rest of the Story

We began active development on Odyssey two years ago, but Odyssey’s story really starts before that. In the years before active development of Odyssey, one of the questions we often heard from our customers was this: “Can the website you’re providing for me connect to my Print MIS, so I don’t have to manage my legacy print orders and my online print orders in two different places?”

We suspected the way to answer “Yes!” to that question would mean building a connection to existing Print MIS vendors. However, whenever we attempted to partner with existing Print MIS vendors, we always ended up with one of two results: “No, thanks,” or a connection that fell well short of our vision of what a completely connected website and Print MIS solution should be.


That left us with just one choice: Build our own Print MIS!


Odyssey is Different

Could we build a Print MIS from the ground up that was different than anything else on the market? Yes! All we had to do was look to our history of providing marketing services for the printing industry! No other Print MIS had ever taken this approach. Up until now, Print MIS was concerned about managing print production from the time a print order was placed until the time when it was complete.

But Odyssey would not be bound by expectations of the past. Odyssey had the freedom to take an entirely new approach and expand the scope of what Print MIS is capable of doing. Odyssey could look beyond “normal” and do something that’s never been done before. With this fresh, new approach, Odyssey is a Print MIS that values marketing as much as production, building relationships before, during, and after each order.

Here’s the story on our blog post, The Quest For A New Breed Of Print MIS.

Now, it’s your turn to join the story. It starts when you complete and submit your application for employment: