3 Myths About Pricing on Your Print Website

Pricing could be considered one of the great debates. Small business owners are often riddled with questions like these:

While these types of questions may continue to come as part of entrepreneurship, the last one can be tackled by looking at a few myths regarding online pricing. Take a look below.

3 Myths About Putting Pricing on Your Print Website

Myth No. 1: Not Having Pricing on My Website Doesn’t Reflect My Print Business

Famous American poet Emily Dickinson once wrote, “Saying nothing sometimes says the most.”

Are you “saying nothing” when it comes to your website pricing?

Listing pricing on your website lets your clients and prospects know exactly what they will get and for how much. You could even go so far as to say that pricing helps to build trust with your audience because it allows you as the printer the opportunity to both offer and delivery on a promise.

Another way pricing reflects your print business is it gives your print buyers an idea of what the relationship will be like with your print business. For example, will you make your customers jump through hoops (phone calls, emails, etc.) to figure out the pricing of a job, or are you a business built on efficiency and providing answers right away?

While one is not necessarily better than the other (depending on your audience), think through how this aligns with your sales approach. Are you looking to provide self-serve print sales, or do you want to take a more consultative approach to meet the needs of your clients?

Myth No. 2: Print Buyers Don’t Need to See a Price to Make a Purchase

Imagine this scenario for a moment: You’re looking to purchase the Rolls-Royce of printing presses to expand your printing business and, in all the marketing for this press of your dreams, you can’t find a single price listed.

When that happens, what are you thinking?

If you’re like most consumers, no pricing screams unaffordability. In fact, many press-owning hopefuls will move on without even inquiring because they automatically think it’s too expensive for them.

Having a price listed, any price, provides the information your print buyers are looking for when wanting to make a purchase and keeps them with you longer (rather than jumping over to a competitor looking for a price).

Two things to note here:

  1. Know your worth. It’s so common for print owners and small business owners to shy away from listing their pricing because they don’t understand or appreciate their true value. Stay focused on what you do well, price it accordingly (as in, you make a profit), and let the other things fall where they may.
  2. Print as a commodity. As our society has turned into more of an on-demand, instant, microwave culture, print has become less and less of the art form it once was and more and more of a commodity. It’s important to remember this as you try to reach your online audience.

 Myth No. 3: Adding Pricing to My Website is Too Hard

When speaking with other printers, many believe that adding and keeping up on online pricing is simply too hard.

But what if it didn’t have to be? What if you could get a leg up on adding pricing to your print website?

 The Secret Weapon of Industry Standard Pricing

Did you know that here at Marketing Ideas For Printers, we recently partnered with the National Print and Sign Owners Association (NPSOA) to conduct a pricing survey from print owners throughout the United States?

With the information gathered from that survey, we preloaded the pricing data results from your peers into over 20 of the website’s subscription default order forms.

Now, you never have to worry about where to start with your pricing or how you compare to the rest of the industry. With the Industry Standard Pricing starting point, you can easily adjust your pricing and fine-tune it by dollar amount or percentage based on your specific production capabilities.

The time is now.

It’s time to expel the myths of online pricing.

Reflect your business in a positive light, solidify more online purchases, and make it easy on yourself with Industry Standard Pricing today!