3 Tips to Add Some “Glamp” to Your Reviews

Owning a business can bring about a fantastic journey.

Last year, my wife, Judy, decided to begin this entrepreneurial journey herself when she launched Fargo Glamping, a business built on the idea of Glamour + Camping = Glamping.

So far, it’s been a successful journey for Judy, and it’s been fun to see her idea take shape.

But watching my wife’s business grow from the ground up has reminded me that relying only on the products or services a business provides isn’t going to make her company grow roots as successfully as she wants or needs.

In today’s online world, it’s social proof and reviews that are the new currency. For example, I can show you a pretty picture of the tent she provides for a one-of-a-kind glamping event, but it doesn’t become real until you hear about the experience and imagine what the experience could be for yourself by reading a review, such as:

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! My daughter had the best birthday and she can’t wait to do it all again next year. The tent was more than we ever expected and was absolutely beautiful! The small details that you all do make the whole thing that much more amazing.

How about you? Is your printing business getting reviews like the one offered by the happy glamper above? I hope you are because positive reviews like this one are the fuel for the engine that creates new customers.

If your reviews need a nudge in a better direction, here are three simple tips inspired by Fargo Glamping.

1. Deliver the Goods

The first thing you need to do is to set the stage to get a great review.

To do that, you have to deliver the goods on what your company is offering. Take another look at the glamping review above and notice these phrases:

  • “…more than we ever expected…”
  • “… beautiful!”
  • “The small details that you all do…”

Words like that don’t just show up without some thoughtful preparation. Are you providing your print buyers with an experience that’s more than they ever expected? Does the work you do hit the mark, if not exceed it? How are you and your print team doing with paying attention to the small details that your competitors are overlooking? Your customers will notice the details!

Your Website. Your First Impression.

Speaking of details, the first opportunity for your prospects and buyers to experience those details is on your website.

Anyone can have “just” a website, but those types of websites mean you’re missing out on that critical first impression of your business. A well-written and well-designed website is a business requirement and one of the best ways to set yourself apart from competitors that are average at best.

And, here’s a tip: you don’t have to go it alone. If writing and designing websites aren’t your gifts, there are people available that can help you. For example, Rachel Nies is the Marketing Ideas For Printers Director of Marketing, and writing is one of her superpowers. She helped write the FargoGlamping.com website, and it shows! Judy and I provided Rachel with the first ideas, and she turned “bleh” to WOW! There’s no doubt Rachel’s writing helps turn prospects into customers on the Fargo Glamping website!

As a printer, you too can benefit from the writing talents of the MI4P team! Not only can you get help through subscription content such as social media, direct mail, and email marketing content, but you can also take advantage of new, custom content marketing services.

2. Ask for the Review

Are you missing out on potential reviews (and future sales) simply because you forget to ask for a review?

If I were to expand a little more on the review from above, it was obvious when we showed up to that glamper’s house to tear down that they had a wonderful time.

But here’s the thing, that wonderful time doesn’t turn into a review unless you ask! That’s why after every glamping event, my wife sends a simple email with these questions:

We hope you had the best glamping experience ever! But we don’t want to make assumptions, so this is just a quick followup email to make sure everything went well. Were your expectations met? Is there anything that we could’ve done better? If so, we want to know.
Are you following up with your print buyers and asking for their feedback and reviews? It really can be as simple as an email like that, and you never know which customer needs just a little nudge to share their positive experience with you!

3. Publicize the Review

Lastly, the way to cash in on the positive reviews you receive is to publicize them.

Positive reviews belong on your website, your printed advertising, and your social media. (The review above found its home on the Fargo Glamping Facebook page, where it reached a larger-than-usual number of engagements in Facebook’s universe.)

Reviews: As Easy As 1-2-3

These tips are easy to do, but I’m always surprised how often the easy things are overlooked.

Not having a system to capture and publicize reviews could mean you’re losing always-important social media currency, so make sure you’re doing these three things:

  1. Position yourself for a great review
  2. Ask for the review
  3. Publicize your reviews

“Since 95% of people are imitators, and only 5% are initiators, people are persuaded more by the actions of others than by any proof we can offer.”

– Cavett Roberts


Written by

Dave Hultin

President, Marketing Ideas For Printers

Dave Hultin is the president and visionary behind Marketing Ideas For Printers. He's on a mission to lead printers to success by providing powerfully innovative online ordering solutions and impossible-to-ignore content. If you're looking to sell more printing and grow your business, follow Dave on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/davehultin/.