WordPress Plugin for Printers: Innovative Content and Online Ordering Solutions for Your WordPress Website!

Let’s face it: it can be drudgery to come up with new, relevant marketing content regularly or to build the online ordering technology needed by your print buyers today.

But it shouldn’t be.

Instead, these things should take care of themselves. They should happen automatically, so you (and other printers like you) can focus on all of the other items it takes to run a successful printing company.

Now, there’s a new and innovative way to access the content and online ordering solutions that will help you sell more printing without the expense or hassle of doing it yourself.

Introducing the WordPress Plugin for Printers

The WordPress Plugin is a free download that features paid subscription options for auto-updated marketing content and online ordering solutions for your WordPress website.

It does exactly what it sounds like by removing all of that worry, drudgery, and overhead for a minimal investment of both time and money.

Content + Online Ordering = More Sales

While the WordPress platform is great for helping printers of all sizes launch a pretty new website quickly, often those websites are missing something… something BIG!

You see, while these websites may look great on the surface, they’re missing the two inter-locking, critical pieces you need to sell more printing online.

1. Content

The first is content. Content is the necessary piece that makes it so your print buyers get to know you, trust you, and then buy from you.

If you only provide a way to order printing online without recurring, connection-building content, you may have online ordering capabilities, but your print buyers have no compelling reason to want to order from you or ever return to your website.

2. Online Ordering

If, on the other hand, you have content but no way for your new-found connections to place an order on your website, you’re missing out on precious revenue! Not having a way to order online from you creates a massive roadblock for your print buyers when they want to move from connection to purchase.

So, while content is essential, a content-only strategy means you’ll build credibility and connection, but your sales will struggle to hit the mark.

How to Make It Easy on Yourself

Not only is the formula for selling more printing simple (content + online ordering), but the actual execution of that formula can be too.

The WordPress Plugin makes it easy for you to “plug in” to relevant content and keeps you up to date with the technology of an online ordering solution. Take a look. The WordPress Plugin includes:

Plug In To Success

Ready to make selling more printing easy on yourself?

For more information and to explore solutions offered through the plugin, visit MI4P.com/plugin.