Point to the Future with Print-Ready Direct Mail Content

The November issue of the Business Forum direct mail newsletter has you gearing up for the busy holiday season. Ready and waiting to impact the lives of your customers, we’re pointing to the future with a little publication that creates a dynamic impact on your business.

In This Issue

Business focus: For the tech-savvy, explore the benefits and pitfalls of automating everything, and consider a great question – can it even be done?

Book Review: Go on a mind-focused journey with this month’s book review of “Deep Work” where Cal Newport takes a deep dive into how to find a work ethic in ourselves that goes beyond expectations.

At the Office: Get more from your team in “You Can’t Change Co-Workers – or Can You.” It’s a surprising twist on changing up your own thinking or interactions to get more from your team members. Well worth the read.

Health and Wellness: This time of year brings with it myths that are debunked and could help you think differently about cold and flu season.

The Art of Family: The other timely content that could be lifesaving to some readers is about car safety and teaching young drivers (as well as some of us who never learned these things) the importance of knowing how to change a tire, check the oil, and pay attention to the check engine light.

Check out the continued quality in both content and design in the Business Forum newsletter, a print-ready direct mail newsletter available for print every month. To learn more, contact us below or download some samples today.