Direct Mail that Wrangles In Attention

Fall means busy. School is in session, mid-term election information is everywhere, and it’s hard to compete for people’s limited attention. Luckily, the best tool to market yourself and get people to stop for even a moment and see what’s new is ready and waiting to be printed!

In this Issue

The September issue of the Business Forum direct mail newsletter for printers has great advice from hundreds of business leaders, that is, if you read the book that we’ve reviewed, Tim Ferris’s Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice From the Best in the World.  It’s time to dispel the myth that having an exit strategy can’t exist alongside an entrepreneur’s passion for their business.

Also in this issue:

  • Questions, Questions, Everywhere: Another topic tackled this month is all about asking questions. Knowing when to ask, what to ask, and how to ask questions can lead to greater success.
  • Featured Product: Presentation Folders: This month features case studies and the quality presentation folders you can provide that can help customers display their success stories to attract new business and increase sales.
  • Print is All About Trust: The authority and trust inherent in print is another focus of this issue.
  • Planning for the Unexpected: The Art of the Family article hits a more serious tone with a helpful guide and resources for planning for an unexpected crisis. Whether it’s from natural disasters or worst-case scenarios, preparation is always a better option.
  • All the Fun: As always, your readers will get their dose of inspirational quotes and interesting facts for some light-hearted entertainment.

Enjoy the rest of the warm weather while you still have it, and enjoy this month’s Business Forum issue filled with nuggets of great content that you will be able to provide to your customers.

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