Want to Reel in More Prospects? Use the Right Bait!

Snagging a Splendid Surprise

All the Roddy family hoped for was a few small fish. Vacationing in Kona, this Tucson family wanted to give their children the joy of reeling in a live catch. During their half-day offshore, Dad (Mike) threw out an assortment on Shortbill Spearfish and quickly found himself in the fight of his life. After a 55-minute ordeal, the Roddy’s had a souvenir they would never forget: a 697-pound Blue Marlin. Sometimes a morsel of good bait can snag an enormous return!

Cast a New Line with Unique Custom Inserts

What bait will you use to reel in new prospects? FastStart, our product-of-the-month mailer, will grow their appetites for the unique solutions you can bring! The July FastStart encourages your customers to snag new prospects with imaginative inserts and coupons. Check it out:

 Need a burst of life in your marketing this season? Snag prospects with alluring add-ins they just can’t ignore! How many people pass you by because they don’t know what they’re missing? Easy to include and convenient to distribute, eye-catching inserts efficiently carry your message to hundreds of people.

Whether upselling current clients or spiking impulse purchases, your print customers will love the economic solutions your inserts can offer. Showcase the power of possibility with data-driven coupons or custom inserts, including promotional tracking codes, individualized “VIP” offers, or printed coupons that lead to online ordering discounts. This month’s FastStart inspires your clients to build their database with the prompt, personal solutions these smart tools can bring.

Direct Mail that Delivers

Want to keep your own name upfront with creative, professional direct mail? Find out more! Download samples of our direct mail packages or contact us below to get started today.