Want True Independence? Print Locally.

The Flavor They’ll Love

Do you have a childhood memory of a favorite pizza parlor, ice cream shop, or local bakery? Did you grow up with neighborhood watermelon festivals, community picnics, or a beloved shopkeeper that you could always count on for help?

Whether you’re from a small or large city background, many of us lament the loss of community flavor that’s come with the increasing homogenization of today’s culture. A defining sense of “place” is a quality of life factor that’s hard to measure but difficult to regain once it’s lost. This is more than just nostalgia. A multiplicity of independent retailers creates a diversity, economic strength, charitable impact, and civic investment that chain stores can never replicate.

Pride of the Neighborhood

It’s important to give a voice to the value your printing brings to the community you live in. The July issue of the monthly Local Edge postcard, which highlights the time-tested value of local printing, is dedicated to showcasing the regional advantage hometown printing brings. This month, remind them that true independence starts locally:

As we savor the summer, nothing is as sweet as the people we share it with. As your hometown printer, we believe face-to-face relationships are one of our greatest assets. We understand the importance of your time, your money, and your business, bringing you exceptional value products with unwavering integrity. Break free from the big box and find the perfect print here at home.

Each Dollar a Vote for the Future

For each dollar spent, we cast a vote for our neighborhoods, our economy, and to the future of our hometowns. Remind them of the importance of choosing wisely today! Check out a free Local Edge sample or contact us below to find out more.