Turn Up the Heat with Postcard Marketing

The Sun Made Me Do It!

When a cold front sweeps through, are you overcome by an itch to hop in the nearest coffee drive-through? When summer heat swells, do you have an irrepressible urge to fill your cart with fudge pops? Science may be on your side.

Economist Meghan Busse and her team studied the impact of weather on our impulses, concluding that we make both minor AND consequential decisions that can be directly linked to a change in temperature alone.

Targeting projection bias, (the idea that we mispredict how much our future tastes will match our current preferences), Busse’s team found that things like home and car sales were directly impacted by weather. For example, sales of convertibles – the classic summer car – typically peak in April, and homes with backyard pools can swing nearly $1400 in value, depending on whether the house is sold in summer or winter.

Acting on a whim can be more significant than you think!

Fan That Flame

If weather heightens impulses, summer is a great time to turn up the heat!

The June Local Edge postcard, our monthly “hometown printer” showcase, helps you grab that summer momentum. Remind your clients that rising temperatures bring new opportunities to up their game with the eye-popping colors of large-scale banners, bold sidewalk signs, adhesive windows graphics and more.

This month’s mailer features your unique print capabilities, capturing the brilliant hues of summer in a way that brings fresh flavor to their entire appearance.

Help them sizzle and splash with the beauty of local print this season! Want to dip your own toe in the water with our direct marketing? Download a no-obligation sample or contact us below.