More Bounce for Your Buck

Have you ever seen pictures of a boxing kangaroo? This image, a national symbol of Australia, originated from the kangaroo’s defensive position of holding a predator in its forearms arms while pummeling it with its feet. A group of boxing kangaroos was even shipped to Chicago to box men in rings for the World Fair in 1893!

Recent research shows that in the kangaroo community, physical strength goes beyond mere survival. Mating rituals of dominant male kangaroos include typical brawling and shoving, but also reclining and bicep flexing by males of breeding age, striking signature “poses” that show off their arms.

It seems showcasing an impressive gun collection is an advantage for playful posers of many species!

Spring to Life with Fresh, Vibrant Options

Why flex? Because sometimes you gotta flaunt the goods to woo the prospect! This month, encourage your clients to prime the pump with expanded, refreshed products and displays. Highlight the creative advantage you bring because local printing allows for imaginative, inspiring options they can’t find elsewhere.

The May Local Edge postcard challenges your prospects to flex some creative muscle with updated brochures, letterheads, business cards, banners, and more. Even the smartest designs can sag over time, so offer your hands-on expertise to bring a confident expression of their style this spring!

A Heavyweight Hitter

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