A Single Red Feather

A Brilliant Start to a Lasting Legacy

Conference organizers work hard to stage successful events, helping worldwide professionals network in meaningful ways, with long-lasting benefits.

One international conference intentionally introduced certain attendees online before their event. But there was a problem. How would this cohort take their connection offline in a sea of 8,000+ people?

Perhaps a simple, visible strategy would work: these participants placed a single, red feather in their name badge. Red-feather attendees committed to seeking each other out in friendly, approachable, non-threatening ways. By the close of the conference, curiosity and goodwill drove hundreds of new people to request a red feather and to join this informal circle of friends. Why? Because everyone needs a great network to lean on!

Your Net Worth is Only as Good as Your Network

Networking is so important! A recent LinkedIn study revealed that 70 percent of people in 2016 were hired at companies where they had a previous connection. But while 80 percent of professionals considered networking to be important to career success, 38 percent said they found it hard to stay connected to their network. What is one natural, rewarding way to overcome this obstacle? Doing business locally.

Relationships: Our Most Valuable Resource

The April edition of Local Edge, our “benefits of buying local” direct mail postcard, reminds your clients about the profit and pleasure of sowing into local businesses. A thriving local business community empowers people to grow in their goals, to access important relationships, to collaborate on custom solutions, and to inspire and motivate each other.

Local business networks are a refreshing antidote to the isolation we often experience. Let your customers and prospects know that you are a printer who is ready to collaborate, give feedback, celebrate successes, mourn losses, share resources, and be a friend!

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