Make Ideas Fly (Before They Die)

Mark Twain once observed, “A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can even get its boots on.” His observation rings true: in a global world of fluff and noise, it is challenging to make ideas fly before they die! In their 2007 book, Made to Stick, accomplished educators Chip and Dan Heath explore what makes messages “Velcro sticky,” articulating tactics that keep ideas from being overlooked or forgotten. Effective strategies include the use of concrete, memorable phrases, compelling emotions or stories, and surprising or unexpected delivery methods.

Velcro Sticky Marketing Messages

The March edition of Fast Start, our product-of-the-month mailer, gets your clients thinking out of the box about landing a winning message with wonderful results:

“Looking to pump up profits and grab new clients today? Here’s a basic blueprint for marketing success: get the RIGHT MESSAGE in the RIGHT HANDS at the RIGHT TIME! Maybe you’ve defined your target audience but are struggling to leave a ‘sticky,’ memorable message. Door hangers offer a catchy, tactile tool to amplify your offer as you tailor the exact promotion to a precise location with perfect timing . . . .”

One Curious Customer Can Bring a Stream of New Business

How often do we look at something without really seeing it? Sometimes your customers need a boost to look at the alternative, customized, perfectly timed marketing methods you offer. FastStart reminds them that clever door hangers (including your extended “shelf-life” options) can increase brand visibility, encourage contract upgrades, or spark chatter and customer referrals. One curious customer can bring a whole stream of new business.

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