“Whatever you’re selling, I’ll take two.”

With the school year in full swing, maybe you’ve heard the patter of feet on your landing, the persistent knock of young entrepreneurs, or the shaky pitch of a not-so-smooth salesperson. Perhaps you’ve been offered Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts, Christmas wreaths from the school, coupon books from the dance studio, or pizzas from the baseball team. What is your typical response? Do you hide under the bed and pretend you’re not home? Or are you like this older gentleman who came to the door with a checkbook in hand:

“Hello there! What are you offering? Actually, it doesn’t matter, because I’ll buy one anyway; I’m an easy target. I always say yes to the children at my door, because I know that investing in kids and schools means I’m building our community. Whatever you’re selling, I’ll take two.” **

Prosperous, Creative, Connected Communities

The March edition of Local Edge, our “advantage of buying local” postcard, keeps this message at heart! An economy grows where money flows, and studies show that regional purchasing allows twice the money to remain in local circulation. Strong local economies help avert ghost towns and fill communities with creative businesses and regional resilience. This month, encourage your clients to keep their print dollars with you because flexible local printing allows creative solutions tailored to their precise needs. Printing at home is a win for your clients AND their community!

The Enduring Power of YES

Remind them that you delight in building the community and take pleasure in shaking their hand! Contact us today at (701) 241-9204 or (800) 736-0688 or click below to download a sample.

** From a real-life conversation that took place last fall in the Fargo-Moorhead community, the hometown of your friends at Marketing Ideas For Printers.