“Ben’s Friends” is Back!

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Who says all good things must come to an end? While the 2017 issues are now complete, we’re excited to begin another year of creating our popular Printer’s Press newsletter!

Changes You’ll Love

Beginning with this January 2018 issue, we’ve made some adjustments to the design that you’ll be sure to love! First off, back by popular demand: Ben’s Friends! Look for it at the bottom of the front page.

Other changes include:

Page 1:

  • A shorter masthead at the top.
  • The Sidebar ad now has a coupon option (this is a layer within InDesign that can be turned on or off).
  • Two cover articles to choose from every month (this is a layer within InDesign that can be turned on or off. You now have your choice of two cover article layers, one with a general interest cover article and one with a more print-related article!)

Page 2:

  • The “Owner Speaks” and travel article have switched sides, as well as the width of the “Owner Speaks” article has changed.
  • The color bar has moved down on the page to allow the eye an entrance point into the main articles on top.

Page 3:

  • The fun, feature pieces have moved below the color bars.

Page 4:

  • The color bar has moved down on the page.

Overall, you’ll notice a better balance that’s more reader-friendly.

Don’t forget the content

Printer’s Press is always full of great, quality content that readers look forward to reading. In the upcoming January issue, you’ll find included articles on:

  • Ways to Improve the Lighting in Your Home and Office
  • Helpful Tips to Prevent Sweaty Feet
  • See who’s winning the cola-wars with the “Top 10 Soda Brands”
  • An easy, but delicious recipe for Salsa Queso Dip (great for the Super Bowl!)
  • And a travel article about Grand Prismatic Spring, a stunning rainbow of colors

This month, the alternate cover print article highlights creative uses for greeting cards, and the success businesses can have even when used outside of the traditional holiday season.

Sales Soar with Flyers

Flyers are a powerful marketing tool to educate and inform, announce new products or services, and increase sales for your business. Check out the January issue for tips for creating flyers to boost your sales!

For more creative ways to increase sales with print, and many other interesting articles, check out the newly updated Printer’s Press. To get started or download samples, give us a call at (800) 736‑0688 or (701) 241-9204 or click below.