Fast, Cheap, or Good?

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In construction and contracting work, there is a customer service phrase that goes something like this. “You can have it done fast, cheap, or good, but you can only pick two of those three.” Some refer to this as the project management triangle. Balancing quick labor, fair costs, and great craftsmanship is a challenging task.

Committed to Their Success

Perhaps you’ve found this to be true in printing as well. If so, then take time to remind your customers of the irreplaceable value they’ll find in the invested partnership local printing can offer! The December edition of Local Edge, our direct mail postcard, highlights the power of personal relationships. Craftsmanship, budget, and efficiency are vital, but a caring, committed printer is the resource that makes EACH of these options possible.

Local Print Brings Peace of Mind

Many people are tired of going it alone and are ready to say YES to the professionalism and peace of mind you can bring. What value can your partnership offer? Kim Kenyon, one of the graphic designers here at Marketing Ideas For Printers, said it like this:

“Big online printing is fast and cheap, but in the end, you get what you pay for. No one is going to fix a fold line that’s a little off, call you about a typo or poor photo resolution, or suggest a paper or varnish. I would love to see more printing move back into the hands of local ‘artisan’ printers. There is no replacement for real people who care about the final product, and I’m proud of what we do at Marketing Ideas For Printers to promote local printing.”

While local printing takes pride in great craftsmanship, the highest priority is on people. The holiday season will be a great time to remind them that you CARE, and you’ve got their best interests in mind. Interested? Contact us today at (701) 241-9204 or (800) 736-0688 or click below to download a sample.