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We can hardly wait to release our latest issue of Printer’s Press!

In This Issue…

In the upcoming July 2017 issue of Printer’s Press, you’ll find articles on:

  • Helpful ways to improve your credit score
  • Tips to improve your social wellness
  • An amazingly easy recipe for Cheesy BBQ Beef & Biscuit Casserole
  • And a travel article about the hidden sandstone caves in New Mexico – a legacy set in stone.

The History of Die-Cutting

While die-cutting is very popular in today’s printing industry, the process of die-cutting dates back to the 1800s when shoes were handmade. Leather parts for shoes were originally cut by hand, making the process very labor intensive with many inconsistencies between shoes. Die-cutting allowed the mass production of sole patterns.

Share with your customers more on how die-cutting has evolved and become an essential part of the printing industry, plus many other interesting articles, with the latest issue of Printer’s Press.

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