Cut Through the Clutter with Beautiful Print Promotions

Cut Through the Clutter with Beautiful Print Promotions, Websites, Ideas Collection, Marketing Ideas For Printers

Average media consumers are staggering under the weight of spam e-mails and information overload. Think you can’t compete? Think again! While your customers may believe print advertising has grown stale, the “digital deluge” means there has never been a better time to highlight beautiful print promotions.

Rules of the Road

The newest design tip in our Ideas Collection, available on every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers, features print options for anyone looking to cut through the digital clutter. Remind clients that repetition is crucial. Sending out just one mailing piece will not provide the desired results. Instead, help them to see the benefits of designing a series of staggered, targeted pieces, including a precise promotion, call to action, or a clear next step to ensure the message engages readers and delivers a consistent, compelling message.

5 Ways They Can Toot Their Own Horn

Ready to roll? Here are five common promotions featured that will get your customers and prospects thinking about themselves:

  1. Self-Promotion: Detail exclusive offerings or illuminate company strengths.
  2. Brag Promotions: Let the audience know about an impressive award, ranking, or community contribution.
  3. Capabilities Promotions: Remind clients of breadth, depth, or proficiency of services.
  4. Invitations: Feature a grand opening, business gala, or community fundraiser.
  5.  “Just Because”: There is never a bad time to say “thanks” or celebrate a special occasion!

Print, Promote, and Persuade!

Use the latest design tip to persuade your customers and prospects toward print with tactile, memorable marketing! Ready to toot your own horn? Inspire your customers with great marketing, tech, design, and print tips, available each month on every website provided by Marketing Ideas For Printers. Preview this tip on one of our public demo websites or request your own personal demo website below.