Reawaken Your Marketing this Spring

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Get ready for spring cleaning and decluttering with the next issue of the Business Forum newsletter. The May 2017 issue will arrive just in time for the season of rebirth. Provide your customers with a great resource for growing their business and for expanding their marketing reach with new ideas for print materials and creative ideas on what to do with them.

Bring the Team Together

Emphasized in this issue are ideas to bring your remote teams together to increase communication and employee retention. With e-learning an advancing option for today’s businesses, the need to retain some of the physical requirements of certain learning styles, like employee manuals and reference guides is emphasized. The print product emphasis focuses on different binding options your customers will love, tying the printed manuals directly to services you provide.

Of course, we also have regular features that everyone likes including:

  • Art of the Family
  • Did You Know?
  • Business Quotes
  • Book Review – Presence- Bringing your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges

This month’s featured book review by Amy Cuddy shows some simple tricks to use to boost confidence to get through those big moments in life and how to make a more significant impact.

Our Art of the Family article focuses on the challenges that kids are now facing with building the 21st Century skills that are needed to succeed but are not necessarily reinforced or learned in school and what parents can to do help.

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