From Captive to Curious

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Did you know that attracting new customers can be five to ten times more expensive than building sales from clients you already have? One of the most effective strategies for growth is not “traditional” advertising, but to diversify current orders, generate repeat visits, upsell existing clients, and to grow clientele through referrals. Table tents offer a rapid boost, prodding a lingering person from captive to curious, and transforming impulse to action!

Table Tents Make Every Sale Count

A 2007 Cornell Hospitality School study found that tabletop promotions boosted sales of recommended wines by 12 percent.+ The May 2017 edition of FastStart, our product-of-the-month mailer, will energize your clients toward this suggestive marketing tool. This FastStart flyer/postcard package encourages your customers to use table tents in many creative capacities: weekly specials, birthday/VIP clubs, smart phone trivia, online promo codes, QR scans or giveaway contests, and customer referral discounts.

Not Just for Restaurants

Help your prospects think outside the box – to involve people while they wait in foyers, salons, bathrooms, or anywhere they stand in line! Table tents are also handy on the move, including sales kits, vendor fairs, trade shows, and more. The newest FastStart package reminds them of the power of rotating promotions and the simplicity of good location.

Time to GROW

Time to invigorate your marketing? Our newest FastStart package is an ideal tool for inspiring sales and upselling your own clients. Get started today! Contact us at (701) 241-9204 or (800) 736-0688. For more information, or to download a sample, click below today!