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The April 2017 issue of Printer’s Press is now ready!


Check out these great articles:

  • Reasons to Get Spicy… hot sauce and peppers offer many health benefits.
  • Bacon Chicken Pasta Bake… a savory recipe your family will love!
  • The Top 10 Sports Mascots… who is your favorite?
  • And a travel article about the Grand Canyon Skywalk… are you dare devil enough to try it?

Also featured, we discuss “Why Less is More.” Check out this sample from the article:

The point of minimalism is to rid yourself of excess, whether that be possessions, activities, ideas, or relationships, that don’t bring value to your life.

Decluttering gives you the opportunity to focus on what’s important in life.

Benefits of minimalism:

  • Less stress
  • Save money
  • Quality over quantity
  • Greater happiness


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