Press On With the New Printer’s Press

Printer’s Press is our time-tested, best-selling, direct-mail newsletter that’s been around since 1989. With over 300 issues, Printer’s Press has helped print buyers across the country turn to their local printer when they need a job done right from someone they trust.

Building Upon A Great Foundation

We’ve built upon this great foundation by adding a fresh new look to this industry fixture. See for yourself a bold, modern look that will expand your influence to the current and upcoming generations. The first issue of the newly redesigned Printer’s Press will be available January 15th for the March release issue.

In this issue, our new look combines with the features you’ve come to rely on including:

  • Health & Wellness: To Cook or Not to Cook… the health benefits of raw vs. cooked foods
  • Celebrity Recipe: Peach Cobbler… a dessert favorite made easy!
  • Top 10 List: The Top 10 Slogans… what’s in your wallet?
  • Travel: Devil’s Den in Florida… contrary to the name, it’s quite a delight to visit!

Inspire Through Print

Reach your customers with inspiring stories of print in action. Here’s an excerpt from the March issue of an article entitled The Importance of Thanks:

An Alaskan named Geoff Welch wanted to give back to his community, so he designed and sent one thank-you card to someone each business day for a year. By year’s end, he had created and mailed nearly 300 unique thank-you cards. And rather than keeping the designs to himself…

If you’d like to read more about how Geoff inspired a community through print and many other interesting articles, consider the newly updated Printer’s Press. To get started or download samples, visit or click below.