A Moment of Laughter Can Go a Long Way

A new issue of Coffee Break will soon be ready!

Coffee Break exists to bring a little levity to the lives of your customers. In the midst of the workday, a moment of laughter can go a long way. Your customers will remember that feeling and look forward to receiving this humor newsletter month after month.

All You Need Is Love (and a Sense of Humor)

February. Love is in the air, and we’ve included a list of kids’ thoughts about all things romantic like this one:

“If falling in love is anything like learning how to spell, I don’t want to do it. It takes too long.” — Glenn, age 7

Your customers will be sharing the jokes and funny sayings they read in your humor newsletter with their family and friends. They’ll also find interesting tidbits of information on the reverse-side calendar that will have them returning each day to see what’s next.

Impress With Your Staying Power

The power of the Coffee Break newsletter is in its staying power. A subscription to Coffee Break, mailed on a timely schedule, is a win for you and your customers. You keep your name and contact information in front of them, and they have a source for humor and facts that is sure to impress everyone in their sphere of influence. Call today to add Coffee Break to your print shop’s marketing routine.

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