Everyone’s a Leader!

How do you know if you’re a leader? Turn around and take a look. Is anyone following you? If so, then you’re a leader! Mark Twain’s quote puts it even more cleverly:

He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk.

It’s so easy to let the term “leadership” become synonymous with owning a business or running a meeting. Sure, it can be both of those things, but that’s also so limiting. You are leading in ways you may have never even realized!

You don’t have to look very far to see the sphere of your leadership influence. Are you leading your team at work with excellence? Good! How about your kids, are you leading them with high standards? Better yet! How about that near-miss when you ran the red light with your fist raised in the air, what kind of leadership example was that?

It’s worth repeating: you may be leading in more ways than you realize! Please be encouraged, both on and off the job, to make sure that all of your leadership examples are positive ones! Remember, others are following you even when you think no one is paying attention!

When were you a leader without even realizing it? Share your example in the comments below.