Break Out of the Rut!

Have you ever had that feeling that things are “just a little too comfortable?” Your day is predictable. Your next move is on auto-pilot. All of a sudden, you’re in a rut.

I found myself in one of those ruts with the way I used my computer, and that’s why I decided to replace my Windows computer with a Mac. This isn’t a “platform war” post on Macs vs. PCs, it’s simply a statement that my day was getting too comfortable and predictable using Windows. I needed to “think different” again and find new inspiration in what would otherwise be a predictable routine. Plus, I’m a Mac guy at heart, so I was looking forward to returning to the Mac! OK, maybe this post has just a hint of “platform war” in it! 🙂

Well, it worked! I broke up the routine on how I used my computer, and learned several new things along the way! Here’s one of my favorite discoveries: One of the biggest challenges was dropping down from two separate displays with Windows to just one on the Mac. (I purchased a 27-inch iMac. It has a beautiful large display, but it was still smaller than the combined real estate from the Windows computer.) The switch forced me to explore Apple’s Spaces tool to accommodate what I used to do with two monitors.


This new approach to handling my computer’s “visual real estate” has been a positive experience that’s challenged me to change the way I approach my tasks throughout the day! Even more importantly, I can feel my brain stretching in new ways. I was using a different computer with a different set of tools, so I had to get out of the routine and think about how I’d use those tools. Breaking up a routine has a way of doing that.

Business is like that too. Sometimes you have the luxury of creating the change that breaks the routine, as I did with my newest computer. Sometimes factors you can’t control (competitors, technology, etc.) force the routine-crushing change. Sometimes violently. Regardless of what caused the change, you have an opportunity to think differently about your all-to-predictable routines, and that’s healthy!

How about you? Are there certain routines you need to disrupt in order to gain a fresh perspective?