You Can Sell More Printing with Great SEO

Who do you think is going to make more money? A printer whose web address appears on page 25 of your search engine results, or on page 1?

Here’s the story behind that loaded question. If you search for “Ohio Printers” you’ll see Northern Ohio Printing ( right at the top of the list of Google’s organic search results. Northern Ohio Printing ( used to be on page 25, but now, is on page one … in the #1 position!

How does something like that happen? For Northern Ohio Printing it happened because they upgraded their Level 1 website with Websites For Printers to the current Websites For Printers platform.

We recently created a helpful web page you can use to learn about the SEO improvements that lead to more opportunities to sell printing. Selling more printing: that’s the very best reason to move to the current Websites For Printers platform.

Want to get the sales opportunities that come with great SEO? We’ve got you covered!