A Message From a Concerned Tree

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a tree? Well, let me tell you because I am a tree.

Most people have a one-sided perspective of trees, such as trees being nothing more than cozy homes for birds, squirrels, and other cute (but annoying to trees) animals. Or trees as the subject of famous poems.

Lately, people have been building elaborate homes in trees because they want to live off the ground and away from dirty, noisy cities. Some civilizations even worship us trees and attribute magical properties to us. People love me!


But, speaking confidentially, as tree to human, I am not the calm, enduring tree you think I am. In fact, I worry about a lot of things, especially about what happens to me when I die.

I like to think that when the time comes for me to go, it is for a good cause. You see, trees understand that humans need wood for survival and economic purposes. But please, don’t cut me down just to be left to die a meaningless death in the forest. Rumor has it that some businesses are wanting to build strip malls and parking lots (just what humans need more of, right?) do not care what happens to trees after they cut us down. Is that true? To me as well as all trees, there’s nothing worse than watching one of our friends lie on the ground, rotting away for no reason.

On the other hand, cutting me down to satisfy a specific purpose is perfectly acceptable to me when I know that I am making positive contributions to human lives. Us trees live (and die!) to serve! I understand that sometimes you need paper to complete essential tasks and sometimes you don’t, which is OK with me.

My friends at Marketing Ideas For Printers know this too. They love trees and technology. I love the fact that they promote both the efficiency of digital and the permanence of print. And they let you choose digital or printed invoices. That’s good because the power is in your hands to make sure my life and death as a tree are meaningful. And really, that’s all I want.

They also told me to tell you this: you can choose between digital or paper invoices by logging in to your Marketing Ideas For Printers account at www.MI4P.info.

Whether you choose to go paperless or use paper when necessary is up to you as long as you keep my (and all other trees’) desire to be useful in mind.

To me, the phrase “going green” doesn’t mean going paperless. It means being aware of using trees to promote your ability to live comfortably on this planet.

A Tree