InDesign Backward Compatibility Through CS2

It’s a puzzle we’ve faced several times in the past with our Ink Inc newsletters: how can we provide files that are usable with the most current versions of InDesign, but make them accessible to our customers who may still be working with prior versions?

Starting with last month’s packages, we’re happy to say our files are now compatible with Adobe InDesign CS6 all the way back through CS2!

For those of you that really want to “geek out”, heare’s the rest of the story:
Previously, in addition to the native InDesign CS5 files we were providing our files (upon request) in InDesign’s native compatibility format, IDML. That worked fine, but had one important drawback — it was only compatible back to CS4. So we’re now also including an additional format, INX, which expands our compatibility all the way back to CS2.

For your convenience, all formats are now included in a single package file, so there is only one download.