No More Sitting Around!

Do you have employees that spend most of their day tethered to a desk? If you have any office changes coming up and have the opportunity to invest in new furnishings you should give strong consideration to the purchase of sit-to-stand desks for your employees’ workstations. Marketing Ideas For Printers recently moved to a new location, and as part of the move we were able to upgrade our workstations by adding sit-to-stand desk. I sure am glad we did … and so are my coworkers!

Our previous location had built-in stationery furniture and as the day went on I always felt my back and body getting tighter and all knotted up. I went home feeling lethargic and generally miserable. After our move, with just a few days on the new sit-to-stand desks, the knots were gone!

It’s pretty common to hear the motors changing the positions on the desks in our office three or four times each day. The ability to change work positions reduces stiffness and fatigue … and that makes for happier and more productive employees!

Here are photos of one of our sit-to-stand desks in action:

Brandon sitting at his sit-to-stand desk

Brandon’s sit-to-stand desk in the sitting position

Brandon standing at his sit-to-stand desk

Brandon’s sit-to-stand desk in the standing position