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How can we let our customers know that we are still open and can help them?

Whether you need to announce you’re still open, you’re reducing your hours, or you’re closed, communication is vital. Here are some things to consider for boosting your communication efforts by channel.



  • Consider a personal email message. While inboxes are overflowing with companies trying to communicate during this time, you can stand out by taking a personal approach and focusing on your print buyers’ needs rather than talking about yourself. Click here to see an example.
  • Email works well for short, staggered, helpful bits of information. Consider a “Covid-19 Marketing Tip of the Week” email. These could be short and feature things such as the importance of keeping up communication via direct mail, supporting your local community, or simple print marketing ideas like thank you cards, gratitude postcards, or brand-building self-mailer brochures. Check out this excellent marketing email example from AnchorPointe Graphics in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Social Media

Direct Mail

Personal Phone Calls

  • Now is a great time to reach out by phone with your print buyers and connect with them on a different level. Ask them how they’re doing, listen to uncover ways you can help, and brainstorm ways you can work together during this time for mutual success.

Keep Focused on Connection

Remember, people are still yearning for connection, and the foundation you build now through connection will lay out a red carpet for your print buyers and lead to exponential growth when things do turn around.

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