8 Post NPSOA Conference Strategies to Implement Right Now

Printers from across the nation gathered in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, this past weekend for the National Print and Sign Owners Association conference.

What an incredible time of learning, connecting, and growing the future of the print industry!

While events like these often leave you energized, all of your intentions can easily fall to the wayside when you find yourself back in the midst of the daily grind. That means there’s no time like the present to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice.

Maximize your post-conference momentum with our top eight strategies!

1. Reflect on key takeaways

Dedicate time to mentally process the information, insights, and experiences gathered at the conference. Make a list of the most important lessons learned, ideas that resonated with you, and trends that could impact your work or industry.

Mapping out key takeaways will help you create a follow-up action plan.

2. Organize and review conference materials

Sort through any pamphlets, business cards, and promotional materials collected during the conference. Review them carefully to ensure that no crucial information is overlooked and to refresh your memory on essential topics.

3. Restructure your personal notes

Since notetaking during conferences can be somewhat scattered, it’s important to reorganize your notes into a cohesive whole once the event has ended.

Devote some time post-conference to write down any ideas that are still lingering in your head, allowing for greater clarity of thought.

Solidifying the notes you took is essential for your future reference. If you allow too much time to pass before conducting a thorough review, you may find much of the information is lost due to hasty or messy notetaking practices.

After reflecting on the conference and your notes, have any new trends or developments in your field come to light? Consider these learnings as an opportunity for your growth. 

4. Connect with new contacts on social media

Strengthen the professional relationships established at the conference by connecting with your new contacts on LinkedIn, Twitter, or other relevant platforms. This will help maintain the connection and provide opportunities to share resources and stay updated on industry news.

If you were particularly motivated by a conference speaker, don’t hesitate to contact them. Not only is this polite and kind, but it could lead to fruitful working relationships.

 5. Share your conference experience with your team

Share your takeaways, and any valuable resources gathered at the conference with your coworkers or team members.

This keeps them in the loop and allows them to benefit from your experience, promoting a culture of continuous learning within your organization.

6. Identify actionable steps and set goals

Convert the acquired knowledge into concrete actions to implement in your work. Establish clear, measurable goals and a timeline to track your progress and stay accountable for implementing the changes.

7. Attend post-conference webinars or virtual discussions

Engage in further learning opportunities that the conference organizers may offer, such as webinars or online forums for continued discussion on conference topics. These sessions can provide additional insights and help reinforce the information learned at the event.

Network with conference attendees and speakers online by joining relevant industry groups, participating in discussion forums, or attending virtual meetups. Building upon these connections can lead to valuable partnerships, collaboration opportunities, and potential career advancements.

8. Evaluate the conference’s impact on your professional development

After implementing the new knowledge and strategies from the conference, assess how they have contributed to your professional growth. This will help you determine the value of attending similar conferences in the future and guide you in selecting the right events for your career goals.

By taking a few moments to reflect on what was learned, networking with contacts and colleagues, gathering materials, practicing newly acquired skills, and most importantly, sharing the wealth with your team, you’ll be well on your way to making the most of any industry conference.

Why delay? Get started with putting your new skills to work for you today!