5 Tips for Selling Direct Mail to Your Print Buyers

Direct mail marketing is truly one of the greatest marketing tools to grow any business. But, how do you get your print buyers to recognize that and buy more?

Here are five tips to help you sell the importance and impact of direct mail to your print buyers.

1. Lead by Example.

Just as clothing store associates wear the brand’s clothes in which they sell, the credibility of a business is exemplified when a company uses its own product.

It’s not uncommon for printing firms to refute the argument that print is dead and rattle off the reasons why every business owner should be marketing their company with direct mail. But, ask yourself:

As a spokesperson for print marketing, does your brand’s message align with its actions?

The best way to champion the benefits and results of direct mail marketing is to lead by example by using direct mail marketing for your print business. 


  • A leader in response rates
  • Highly personalized
  • Opened and read
  • Creative
  • Tangible (physical)
  • Versatile
  • Familiar
  • Simple to do
  • Trust-building
  • Cost-effective
  • Personal
  • Highly trackable
  • Highly targeted
  • A complement to digital marketing
  • Enjoyable to receive
  • Data-driven

2. Go Omni-Channel.

Did you know that integrating direct mail with digital channels can increase conversions by 20-40%? If you already knew that, then the question becomes: do your print buyers know that?

Partnering direct mail marketing with other marketing mediums, such as social media, email marketing, online advertising, and more, will maximize not only your own results but also the results of your print buyers.

Consider how you could bring more value to your direct mail offering by providing correlating marketing content for those online channels alongside the direct mail marketing pieces you offer right now.

3. Prove its Worth.

Hop on the internet for only a few seconds, and you’ll quickly learn that everyone has an opinion.

One of those opinions that you’ll see tossed around is that print is dead. It’s too expensive. Not worth it. The opinions go on and on.

So, what do you do? You combat those print-is-dead opinions with facts and statistics. Use your social media channels to blast the truth about the effectiveness of print. This is extremely simple to do.

Each week, find a direct mail statistic or other facts that speak to the power of print. Put that statistic text over an eye-catching image and post away. The more messaging you can get out that speaks life to print, the more you’ll usher in additional print orders.

4. Offer a Subscription.

Subscription business models have grown exponentially over the last decade, with 76% of Americans having at least one subscription service.

Why are subscriptions such a big deal? Because they nurture relations, offer predictability for both businesses and consumers alike, and create a longer lifetime value and loyalty.

From membership subscriptions to subscription boxes to mastermind models and replenishment subscriptions, is it time to consider a subscription model at your print business? 

5. Make it Easy.

How easy is it for a print buyer to place an order with you for a direct mail piece?

While you might think it’s easy enough to pick up the phone to place an order or have clients send you an email, the more important thing to consider is how do today’s print buyers want (and expect) to order direct mail from you?

Today’s print buyers want ordering print to be EASY. They want:

Review your online ordering capabilities and ask yourself how you can pave the way to make ordering from you even easier.

Speaking of making things easy, did you know you can get new, ready-to-print direct mail campaigns every month? Download samples below to get started.