More Than a Printer: What it Takes to be a Stand-Out Marketer

For the past few months, we’ve been featuring printing companies that are stand-out marketers as part of our Marketing Ideas For Printers’ Print Marketing Expert of the Month series.

But have you ever stopped to think what exactly it takes to be called a stand-out marketer?

A lot of companies make the mistake of thinking that stand-out marketers are those that have the greatest success, are all-wise in the ways of marketing, and have never failed. But the truth is, there are several things that can earn you the badge of “Stand-Out Marketer.” Here are a few to consider.

Stand-Out Marketers Do These 5 Things

1. They put the print buyer first.

To be exceptional at marketing, stand-out marketers take a backseat to the needs of their customers and prospects.

Instead of their sales and marketing materials being filled with stories about themselves, the marketing experts cast their customers or prospects in the starring role of hero. In fact, the only time these kings of marketing describe their company is in the context of how a client used them, or could use them, to win.

The best marketers are the guides, the coaches that focus on setting up their customers for success and cheering them on rather than tooting their own horn.

2. They know their company and their customers.

Have you ever asked yourself what the point of marketing is?

If you break it down, the core of marketing is really all about connecting a problem to a solution. But in order to actually make that connection work, print marketing experts have to know the problem of the customer and know the solution of their company and how it will help.

Stand-out marketers also recognize that they’re actually withholding a solution that could be helping someone in need by not marketing.

3. They know their competition.

Competition shouldn’t frighten you; it should inspire you!

Stand-out marketers know how their service or solution is different, why that difference is good, and they’re secure in it. At the same time, however, these marketing experts are not naïve. They study their competition and continually search for ways they can come out on top.

Strategist, writer, and philosopher Sun Tzu summed up this idea quite nicely when he said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

4. They stay connected.

One of the biggest mistakes that amateur marketers make is trying to go it alone. But not stand-out marketers.

Smart marketers have recognized and accepted that they don’t know it all and have opened themselves up to any help they can get. They search out and stay in networking communities like this one (shout out to NPSOA!)  in an effort to sharpen their skills and learn from others.

5. They focus on helping others.

Lastly, stand-out marketers know that the goal of marketing should be a welcome intrusion and not an annoyance.

And it’s that same idea that makes print marketing such a stand-out.

Marketing isn’t meant to be swatted and clicked away like annoying summer bugs buzzing in and around your face. Rather, the best marketing efforts are those that are useful, educational, answer questions, entertain, and show your authenticity.

What Makes You Stand Out? Let us know!

In reading this, can you recognize your own company in the points above?

If so, reach out to us using the form in the footer below and let us know what makes you stand out! We’d love to hear about it and perhaps feature you in an upcoming article.

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