ADA Website Accessibility and Compliance: Defending Your Digital Castle

Knight defending castle representing ADA Website Compliance Check training

Imagine your typical day.

You arrive at work, ready to conquer the world, but then the mail arrives, and you get “the letter.” It’s a demand letter from a law firm, alerting you to legal action being taken against you based on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

ADA compliance challenges have historically focused on brick-and-mortar properties. Attorneys would issue the challenge after making an on-site visit to the property to find and identify the basis for a potential challenge.

But, everything’s changed with the internet.

Now, these attorneys don’t even need to make a physical visit to your property to issue their challenge; all they need to do is drive by on Google Streetwise to look for potential violations to challenge.

The internet also changed what can get challenged. Attorneys are now not only challenging physical properties, but they’re challenging digital properties as well. That’s what led to this simple email we received from Dan:

Several businesses in our area are getting threatened with ADA lawsuits because their websites are not ADA compliant.

Is our website compliant?

Defend Your Digital Castle

Dan explained the rash of ADA website compliance checks that have hit businesses in his area over the last several years.

Opportunistic lawyers are targeting the websites of businesses, looking for anything that might indicate compliance issues, and then proceeding with legal action based on whatever they might discover. They might demand settlement money and compliance or they may just file a lawsuit right off the bat.

So, how do you defend your digital castle (your website)?

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You could wait for “the letter” to arrive and then spend tens of thousands of dollars to defend your castle in the legal system. Or, you could spend several thousand dollars and accept an out-of-court settlement that “the letter” offers.

The Best Offense is a Strong Defense

better strategy is to build a strong defense now, so “the letter” never arrives in the first place.

Want to learn how to defend your website?

For a $49 investment, you can attend the live ADA Website Compliance Webinar sponsored by Marketing Ideas For Printers.

What’s the Webinar About?

We’ve brought in an attorney and ADA website compliance consultant to speak candidly about the best ways to make your website accessible ASAP and prevent an ADA website compliance demand letter.

In this live-only webinar training, you will learn:

  • a quick, legal overview of what is actually going on
  • the first steps you should take IMMEDIATELY
  • what plaintiff’s law firms are looking for
  • how to make your website accessible

Everything is presented in simple, easy-to-understand, plain English by our speaker, Kris Rivenburgh.

The ADA Website Compliance Webinar is a live-only, online session scheduled for Monday, June 3rd, at 11:00 AM CST.  

Kris will also talk about:

  • How you can get sued over and over again
  • Why you can get sued from any state
  • How to significantly reduce your risk of a demand letter or lawsuit while you make your website accessible.

Who Should Attend

If you’re a printer with a website, you should attend the ADA Website Compliance Webinar.

This webinar is being made available to all printers. You don’t need to be a subscriber to the websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers to attend! In fact, it’s perhaps even more important for non-subscribers to attend; your websites may be more vulnerable to ADA compliance issues.

For printers subscribing to websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers, you might wonder, “Isn’t it your job to make sure my website is ADA compliant?” The answer is both yes and no. There’s a lot we can do at a system level to ensure your website is ADA compliant, but you’re still in control of a lot of your website’s content. For that reason, it’s important that you attend the ADA Website Compliance Webinar,  too.

There is a $49 registration fee to attend the live ADA Website Compliance Check training session, but this training session can cost you nothing!

That’s because your registration fee can be applied to any new subscription from Marketing Ideas For Printers. (The registration fee is discounted to $39 for printers subscribing to websites from Marketing Ideas For Printers.)

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what you can do to defend your digital castle and sign up for this live-only webinar training event.


More About Kris

Kris Rivenburgh is a leading expert in ADA website compliance and accessibility.

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He is an attorney, website accessibility consultant, and the author of The ADA Book.  We’re honored to partner with Kris to bring you the ADA Website Compliance Webinar.  You can read more about ADA website compliance from Kris at


Want more information? This Medium article by Kris provides a great overview of website accessibility: