What are You Selling?

I’m not a smart guy.

I’m smart enough, don’t get me wrong, but I’m no brainiac. I do work really hard, though, and I’m proud of my work ethic. Actually, I’m very proud of all of my ethics.

I always try to do the right thing even if it’s not the right thing for me or my business.

Do you know what I am good at, though?

Sorry, that’s not right…

Do you know what I am exceptionally good at? Branding and messaging.  That would make sense since I’m good with words. At one point, I was a Writer, Author, and Speaker (WAS).

But, let’s get back to you.

3 Ways to Understand What You Are Selling

What are you selling? Is it quality printing? (Yawn) Put me to sleep. Do you think the other guy is selling crappy printing?

Is it fast printing? If so, then you need to be Amazon fast.

Here are three things you must do to understand your value proposition and what you’re truly selling.

1. Know your company’s strengths and what you excel at.

This is an honest evaluation, not a nostalgic view, or even worse, a sentimental yearning. Times are always changing, and print is in the fast lane for change.

2. Research, research, and more research.

You must know who your competitors are and how they are selling.

Price is always a factor, so do not disregard a competitor’s price, and never underestimate the ease of the internet.

Don’t be the last guy selling buggy whips;
be the first one to sell leather steering wheel covers.


3. Take an honest and thorough look at all of the information.

This is hard because a lot of us can’t admit that we can’t compete in certain areas.

Areas that were once our strong suit are now just tattered cloth.  Should we hold’em or fold’em? That’s a tough question. That’s the million dollar question.

The key thing is this: You need to understand what your strengths are in the market space: where you are and where you are going.

Once you understand those two things, knowing what you sell will be a breeze.

Written by

Dick Olenych

Owner, Spectrum Printing

Dick Olenych owns Spectrum Printing and Marketing in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and likes to write. He can be reached at Dick@TheHappyPrinters.com.