Print 18: 7 Reasons For Printers to Attend a Trade Show Industry Event

Ever heard of a conference “high”?

The easiest way to describe it is to close your eyes and imagine you’ve just picked up your three kids and three of their friends from a week-long summer camp. You’ve got them all crammed in your minivan (ok, sporty SUV if that suits you better), and all hopes of a quiet ride home are dashed when you make the ultimate mistake of saying these three words:

“How was camp?”

All of sudden, an excitement like you’ve never seen before prompts the longest bout of run-on sentences you’ve yet to experience in one sitting. “How can they practically turn blue like that and still not take a breath?” you think to yourself.

That, friends, is a conference “high”: a chance to get away from your day-to-day responsibilities to focus on yourself and your future.

Ready for a Jumpstart?

If your sales are feeling a little sluggish or your business simply needs a jumpstart, it’s in your best interest to check out and attend a print-industry event.

And, good news! There’s one such event just around the corner:

Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge technologies, want to explore the latest products and services on the market, or need the knowledge to overcome your business challenges, you’ll get it at PRINT® 18.

Here are seven reasons why you should invest in yourself and your business at the upcoming PRINT 18 conference:

1. Connection Counts

To increase your net worth, you need to increase your network.

Who better to rub elbows with than others in the same print trenches as you? Learn from other printers, get to know the vendors and what tools are available to you, and glean advice from the experts. One such expert you won’t want to miss at this year’s conference is the world-renowned entrepreneur and best-selling author Seth Godin.

2. Knowledge is Power

Looking for advice on business management, lead generation, new markets, and the latest tools?

With more than 80 engaging sessions that cover topics that are important to you, you can capitalize on THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE to gain the knowledge you need to power your way to the top of the print industry. Plus, you have the added benefit of learning from other printers, the vendors, and more!

3. Operation: Spy

It may not be the most covert mission you’ve ever attempted to stalk your competition, but where else can you scope out what your competition is working on up close and personal?

Take advantage of this opportunity to see what’s out there and what necessary steps you’ll need to take to remain relevant in a growing industry. (No mustache or other decoy required.)

4. Instant Results

Curious how a program or product works?

Exhibitions at trade show conferences are the perfect place to talk one-on-one with vendors (like us!), get instant answers to your questions, and see and feel the products and services you’re interested in. Plus, you get the added benefit of building trust in the people and products you’re searching for because you’re face-to-face.

5. Inspiration Leads to Innovation

When’s the last time you looked up from your head-down, get-through-the-next-thing workday to take time to dream a little?

Trade show events allow you to be overcome with inspiration, and the more inspiration you have, the greater innovation you’ll have. It’s been said that you can’t dream when you’re just trying to survive. It’s time you went beyond the point of survival to a point where you can be truly innovative.

6. Deals

Maybe you’ve been checking out a new SAAS (Software as a Service) company or a piece of new equipment.

By attending and purchasing at a trade show or conference event, you can take advantage of steep discounts and amazing deals.

Saving money + gaining knowledge and inspiration = A Win-Win!

7. Pure and Simple FUN!

Yes, it’s technically “work” since you’re researching and looking for ways to develop your growing company, but it’s also a lot of fun!

Meet up with friends, step away from the normal, day-to-day, and see a new city! Plus, bring along some members of your team and use the time to invest in your staff as well. Believe it or not, trade shows can be incredible team-building opportunities.

Join us this September 30th through October 2nd, 2018, in Chicago, and stop by Booth 322 to see how we can help you jumpstart your business and go home with that conference “high”.